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Free (forever) Web Control Panel for Windows.

(Backend server management)

All in one system that allow you to manage the server components, resellers, packages, services and much more!

Open Source

Based on Smarty Framework, PHP 8, Apache, Nginx, hMailServer, Technitium DNS Server, Mysql, ClamAV, Let'sEncrypt and a lot of more features!

Release Date?


At the moment you can get development status on our Facebook page. Once first relase will be available, we will have our community platform ready.


I plane that end of February we can have a Beta version ready. You can subscribe to our Facebook page for updates.


We can't offer you at the moment more about his functions but soon we will prepare some screens.

kPanel Frontend

What is kPanel

Kayebo Web Control Panel is a windows hosting control panel with tons of features that give the oportunity to manage websites, emails, databases and much more. kPanel come with all in one server components such as Apache, Nginx, Mysql, DNS Server & Mail server, secure tools for your domains with free SSL certificates from Let'sEncrypt, ClamAV free antivirus for emails, and much more that you will discover on first release.

What is KWM

KWM is an administrative control panel that allows the user to manage the back-end of multiple kPanel accounts. Kayebo come with a Windows monitor applications that control KWM backend server functions and services, such as Apache (stop|start|restart) and so on.


George-Constantin Burlacu,
PHP Developer & Server Manager
Since 2007

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